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Some words from Dave . . . .
"Thank you for visiting my web site. I am one of the leading full-service United States Mint Stamp Dealers, and have been selling US stamps and U.S. sheets for over 40 years internationally to collectors, dealers, and institutions doing stamp promotions. We also help individuals in search of stamps for wedding invitations.  Most major credit cards are accepted. Click here to read a little more about my business.
"Please bookmark this page and check back often for special stamp deals.   I have begun building a library of U.S. mint sheet and stamp images that you can refer to.   I have also begun to post price lists for certain topical areas.
"Please refer this page to someone you know who might find it of interest.
"Please feel free to contact me by phone (845) 638-1180, fax (845) 638-6678, or e-mail  dave@davekaplan.com for any of your stamp needs."

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Dave is buying:

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Dave is selling:

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